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Adelto took off in February 2007 with the vision of being the sales and distribution division of a company group which designs, manufactures and sells a range of fully-owned brands for specialty applications in the audiovisual market place. Since our inception, we have served designated niches of this market place with brands targeting installed audio, live sound, stage lighting and home music production.

Our shareholders acquired the Multiform lighting brand in 2006 and the Hill Audio brand in 2008, both brands with prior UK legacy. The first flat PAR spot ever, dubbed the “Multispot” and released under the Multiform lighting brand, has become one of the most adopted designs in the stage lighting industry ever since its release in 2007.

Until 2020, Adelto has been owned by Nuclus Holdings Limited, before its activities and brand portfolio were assumed by Universal Technical Industries Limited, where they merged with the 2019-established Intusonic brand for commercial audio systems.

Adelto operates offices both in Asia and Europe, to benefit from the best of both worlds in terms of market potential and staff talent base.

Not adopting but designing, not resting but innovating, and not buying but making, were and will always be the paradigms which we and our parent company take pride in. Unparalleled understanding of the final user’s needs and a broad range of in-house and contracted know-how allow us to design products unique in features and appearance.

With great effort being put into product design, the expertise does not stop there – assembly and quality control to the specific needs of the industry we serve is yet another area where our parent company brings in excess of 20 years of experience to the table.

In its function as a distribution division, Adelto is a frequent sight on international trade shows and entertains one of the most sophisticated databases of clients and users in the AV industry, helping us to make sure our customers know what we do at all times.

Since the early days, Adelto has also helped reputed companies in similar markets to design and manufacture products that were not suitable or complementary to our own brands, thus leveraging our design competence and manufacturing experience beyond our own sales reach.