The best value in smart installed audio products by Intusonic.
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Hill Electronics
Make sure your gig sounds right with Hill Electronics.
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Pristine sound for your home production with ToneTrak.
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Multiform Lighting
The best compact lighting rig for your show is made by Multiform.
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Hill is a brand for live sound technology with UK roots dating back to the 1970s, relaunched in 2008 and rejuvenated in 2019 to reflect that live sound technology encompasses more than just audio, and that “live” has a meaning broader than stage performances. Essentially any real-time event is “live”, and the ever-growing Hill range addresses this changed definition. Hill products are cleverly designed to withstand the rigors of their applications, and offer an outstanding value-for-money balance, being sold through a B2B network or resellers and commercial rental outlets.